More than 400 applications for the popular Bavarian Founder’s Award have reached the  association of savings banks and now the die is cast. During the ceremony at 02.06.2016 in Nuremberg the winners of each category were honoured. Although iTiZZiMO couldn’t grad first place we are proud to have won the second prize in the category “First Mover”.

We congratulate the winners, Schema Group from Nuremberg that successfully deals with simplification of creating technical documentation since 20 years.  The Bavarian Founder’s Award, an initiative of savings bank group, Porsche, the television station ZDF and the journal “Stern” is awarded since 1997 for the categories, concept, start-up, first mover, succession, oeuvre and  special award.  In each company phase especially outstanding entrepreneurial achievements guarantee a positive valuation of the jury. Within an extensive process the companies were chosen and evaluated. iTiZZiMO, like all other nominees underwent a three-step selection procedure which had its climax at the presentation in front of jury-committee of the Bavarian Founder’s Award.

The decision was made by top-ranking representatives of industry, science, politics, credit industry and venture capital.  For the Simplifier, the Digital Transformation Platform to easily configure integrated business apps the jury obviously the experts obviously saw the potential for market leadership with an convincing business plan. The past growth rate had influence as well as the clear benefit for the customers that can be achieved with the nominated product.

In times of digital transformation and the IIoT application development and prototyping can’t be fast enough but despite this reliability and sustainability with great functional depth must be guaranteed. With the Simplifier’s consistent technological basis the digital transformation of companies becomes sustainable and future-proof. “The attention our Simplifier gets shows that Wuerzburg Valley is successful. Also in Bavaria solutions are established that enable digital transformation. We Bavarians can do software, too.”, CEO Reza Etemadian sums up the event and the results of the award ceremony.