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A new member of the OPC family

In times of Industry 4.0 and digital interconnection also the topic machine communication becomes more and more important. At least, production plans organize themselves independently and this independence will increase in future. With the manufacturer-independent standard OPC the networking will be simplified massively. Why?

Within one machine you can find an uncountable amount of installed components from different manufacturers. OPC simplifies the data transfer of applications for machine control (HIMs – Human Machine Interfaces), from app to app and from machine to machine. The approach of simplification within data communication corresponds to iTiZZiMO’s approach to simplify app development that was realized with the Low-Code PLatform Simplifier.

With the help of the configurable OPC UA connector created by iTiZZiMO the server interfaces now can be configured within the shortest time – without laborious coding. The Connector itself is preconfigured within the Simplifier. For using it with a specific OPC server it only needs to be adjusted to this server to read and write all values – a huge advantage compared to having an interface for every single sensor.  

OPC UA massively simplifies developers’ lives as ALL data from one server can be read and processed further. When looking at a complex machine you can save youself hour of programming.

Kamil Filar, Developer iTiZZiMO AG

Several customers and partners benefit from the new possibility to visualize machine data on mobile devices and wearables and to interact with those data. So, it’s possible to define limits for sensor values and send a notification when the limit is reached.

“With the opportunity to read and write all data from one OPC server we set a new standard for creating modern HMIs. “

Christian Trips, Managing Partner TRIPS group

Another advantage of mobile HMIs is that whole machine parks can be controlled remotely via smartphone or tablet. Travel time and expenses are limited.

About the OPC Foundation

Since 1996 a growing number of companies is organized as OPC Foundation to focus on development and establishment of OPC. The main goal is to establish one standard for users, manufacturers and further stakeholders to be a basis for efficient networking and therefore digitization and automation.

Within the foundation there are several kinds of memberships, iTiZZiMO as new Corporate Member now benefits from different advantages from logo use up to common fair presences and access to various tools.

Why OPC Foundation?

By now, there are more than 450 members including famous and influential companies like ABB, BAyer or Siemens. The opportunity to shape the standard OPC and to exchange with experts on one platform were the most important reasons for us to become a member.

Furthermore we can give a clear signal: We see OPC as the most promising possibility to realize efficient machine communication.

“Being member of OPC Foundation allows us to always be up-to-date on the one hand. On the other it also offers us the opportunity to significantly shape standardization within the fields of software and digital transformation. Without these standards digital change can’t be managed.””

Christopher Bouveret, CIO, iTiZZiMO AG

With OPC we can offer our partners a future proof way  to realize manufacturer independent networking within M2M. We’re looking forward to new use cases we can support with our Simplifier and the OPC UA Connector.

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