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Digital services with ARinFLEX

In the mid of February it became official: The innovation project of the Federal Mistry of Educatiuon and Research celebrated its kick-off. The project’s goal is to present small and mid-sized companies ways to digitally transform their service processes and to integrate innovations like Augmented Reality. This is what the project’s name is about – Augmented Reality in flexible service processes.

The project wants to integrate the service research into other fields of research and development as soon as possible. When it comes to buzzwords like Industry 4.0 or IIoT the technical research was the one people concentrated on. Within the innovation project the focus is expanded – by service processes that focus on people.  

As one of 17 partners iTiZZiMO essentially participates in developing strategies, concepts ans valuation standards for digitally transfoming flexible service processes. The project concentrates on the two branches special machine construction and care. Because of the variety of small and mid-sized companies within these branches in Germany the partners expect a lot of potential of the results.

Focus Augmented Reality (AR)

The project’s focus is  on  Augmented Reality which is the enrichment of human perception by digital content. The concept actually isn’t new at all, the term already was created in 1990. But the needed requirements to extensively use AR can be met only recently: Highly-performant hardware and software for connecting systems and digitally transforming processes.

But even if AR looks quite easy in action – of course it needs to be easy for the user – there is massive technical know-how required to develop applications using AR. Several different parameters need to be recorded and evaluated. Only with a complex interaction of technology, process know-how and knowledge about software one can develop reliable AR-solutions.

  • Which software systems provide which information?
  • Who is the user and which process does he want to manage?
  • Which kind of device is used?
  • Which data need to be transferred back into which systems?

To handle the flood of data new software concepts become necessary. With its IIoT Platform Simplifier iTiZZiMO developed the tool for facing the challenge of digitally transforming business processes.

The IIoT-Platform from Würzburg

Since its foundation in 2012 iTiZZiMO deals with innovative technologies like Augmented Reality and therefore has a great expertise. But the main focus of the company is on integrating hardware and software applications in existing IT structures to map business processes. To do so iTiZZiMO developed the IIoT Platform Simplifier. Using the new technology, companies have a powerful instrument for digitally transforming business processes within the IIoT. By integrating all software systems, (mobile) devices  and software-equipped products, processes can be digitized and new business models established.

New business models are important for companies as the IT systems were expensive at the time of acquisition, a total reorganization wouldn’t be affordable for most companies.

For iTiZZiMO the goal is to develop a pilot application for machine maintenancen. The partners will evaulate the functionalities and further develop the application. It also should be the basis for a pilot application for the care sector. 

All project partners agree that AR in service processes is an exciting but partly unattended topic. Several universities like TU Munich, the universities of Osnabrück and Kassel and TU Chemnitz work with experts in care and machine construction to implement digital trends in the field of services. Some examples are BMW, Linde, Claas, the Diakoniewerk Osnabrück and  hospitals.