lang="en-US" prefix="og:" Digitalization? You bet! iTiZZiMO at SWS Brainshare 2017 Digitalization? You bet! iTiZZiMO at SWS Brainshare 2017
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Digitalization? You bet! iTiZZiMO at SWS Brainshare 2017

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According to the motto „Tradition becomes knowledge, because knowledge creates a lead – digitization is well underway”, the SWS Brainshare took place on 6th of July 2017 in the Continental Arena in Regensburg.

As a partner of SWS Computersysteme AG, iTiZZiMO was also part of the exhibition and welcomed around 400 participants. As one of the only exhibitors in the field of digitization with independent network infrastructure, we presented our solutions with the Simplifier.

What is the Simplifier?

The Simplifier is a web-based low-code development platform that enables companies to configure and deploy integrated business applications and to add a digital value to their products, create user-friendly processes and interconnect their own and external IT-systems. This means that you can not only connect your existing systems and databases, but you can also use the created applications on almost every device and operating system.

The solutions of the Simplifier provide users with information at the right time, in the correct context and with any mobile device. iTiZZiMO enables customers and partners to remain competitive in the age of industrial digitization and to open up entirely new business fields.

One highlight of the event was the keynote about remote service by Roland Lunck, Head of Channel at iTiZZiMO and Christian Schreiner, Managing Director of SWS Computersysteme AG. On the lawn of the stadium, they presented a concrete use case for remote maintenance. With the Moverio BT-300 from Epson, Christian Schreiner made a remote service call in front of the audience. Live on screen, the participants were able to watch the connection to a technician, in this example Roland Lunck, via the smartglass. Christian Schreiner told the technician that he has a problem on his switch and did not know, which cable he has to pull out and which not. During the use case, Roland Lunck was able to see everything that Christian Schreiner saw through the smartglass. This functionality allowed the technician to analyze the situation and guides through the maintenance or repair process.

However the example was just one way of using the Simplifier in the area of smart remote service. iTiZZiMO makes maintenance easier from first to last. Other examples are predictive maintenance to avoid machine failures or step-by-step instructions for maintenance and production.

You missed the lecture? Take a look at this section!

On our booth, the attendees were able to take a closer look at our low-code platform Simplifier. With the app “Simplifier Explored”, interested participants were able to convert analogue processes into digital ones. For example, during our Live Demo, the Simplifier app shows how the light can be switched on and off.

SWS Brainshare 2017

Our Account Manager Snorri Glaeser also presented a HoloLens demonstration based on the Simplifier. Participants could inspect a virtual 3D object and divide it into its individual parts by simple manual actions. Furthermore the recall of live data by OPC Unified Architecture or the illustration of checklists were also possible via the Microsoft HoloLens.

Roland Lunck

Roland Lunck, Head of Channel at iTiZZiMO summarized the participation at the SWS Brainshare 2017 as extremely successful.

“With our solutions, we have been able to show visitors concrete ways and not just convey a vision. Through the many interesting and exciting discussions, we are pretty sure, that we want to participate again at the SWS Brainshare in the next years.

A special thanks goes to the employees of SWS Computersysteme AG for the excellent event. The agenda was first class! But also the organization in advance by the marketing department and above all Markus Leitner worked very well. We are already looking forward to another positive collaboration with our partner, SWS Computersysteme AG.”

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