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German Digital Transformation Platform expands to the USA

Internationalization of iTiZZiMO’s platform Simplifier

  • iTiZZiMO AG from Wuerzburg with new office at technology-hotspot in Michigan
  • Strategic basis for international success of Simplifier technology
  • USA set the momentum and orientation of digital transformation

With its Digital Transformation Platform Simplifier the German company iTiZZiMO gets a lot of attention. By now, iTiZZiMO has a second mainstay at dynamic technology-hotspot Ann Arbor in Michigan. CIO Christopher Bouveret explains how the company wants to establish itself as an international pioneer for Digital Transformation from there.

Whoever searches for a convincing overall solution for digitally transforming his company won’t be able to avoid the Simplifier developed by the Wuerzburg based technology supplier iTiZZiMO. “Our concept is to digitize business processes on one standardized technological basis via configuration has been proven by several customers from different branches here in Germany”, states Christopher Bouveret, Chief Innovation Officer at iTiZZiMO. “We have the unique approach to configure applications instead of elaborately programming them on an easy-to-use platform that supports all data sources and operating systems. We now want to use this uniqueness internationally.

For Bouveret it’s no question that the USA will specify which solutions will make the race in terms of digital transformation. “In Europe the industrial sector is very advanced within automation, but the structures inhibit real digital transformation, as defined as interconnecting systems, applications and products as well as customers, partners and suppliers.”

With the help of the Simplifier those structural barriers that prevent companies from consequent digital transformation can be overwhelmed. “For doing so we of course need a corresponding open-minded mentality and the willingness for changes which we mostly find in the U.S.”, explains CIO Christopher Bouveret his experiences. Not only young companies, but also established ones with established structures see the advantages of a holistic solution which is able to multiply implementation speed of applications. That’s why the USA offer ideal conditions for us to further develop the Simplifier and make it an international success.”

Searching for an optimal location has lead iTiZZiMO to Ann Arbor in Michigan. Christopher Bouveret explains: “Among connoisseurs Ann Arbor is a hot tip for founding new IT-companies. Even Steve Blank – a well-known ‘guru’ for startups stood up for Ann Arbor, simply because you can find the most talented people of the IT-branch here.” That’s one reason why Ann Arbor gets top valuation in various rankings regarding entrepreneurship. So it’s the best-educated city within the USA and top 6 city for founders. Even the highest-revenue business unit of Google, Google AdWords, is completely managed in Ann Arbor.

The local University of Michigan where even Google-founder Larry Page has studied drives the rising IT-hotspot as well as the SPARK Central Innovation Center, a business incubator with bets conditions for young and innovative technology companies. “Our new office in Ann Arbor of course simplifies serving or U.S. customers and acquiring new customers with partners on-site.”

iTiZZiMO pursues the strategy to make the Simplifier available to IT-Service providers with established customer relations in the USA. “We don’t  refer to the end customers, our focus are their software-providers, because they know much better about their customers and the IT environments as we do”, explains Bouveret.  

As the Simplifier isn’t limited to special branches the USA offer an enormous potential for expansion. IT-service providers within the USA need to interconnect uncountable systems to meet the customer requirements. Against this background the Simplifier’s flexibility and the step towards Ann Arbor offer the access to a very promising market.