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Investors convinced by Digital Transformation „Made in Germany“

5 million Euros capital for iTiZZiMO’s platfom Simplifier – CEO Reza Etemadian about backgrounds

  • German software-experts want to set a new standard for Digital Transformation
  • Simplifier allows companies to digitally transform their business processes without programming effort
  • iTiZZiMO AG gets 5 million EUR Venture Capital to expand internationally

The Wuerzburg based iTiZZiMO AG wants to enable companies to digitally transform their business with its innovative platform Simplifier. No matter which branch, business segment or department – the technology represents all workflows and applications in one digital  overall solution which is highly flexible integrated into the companies’ existing structures and user friendly. The ambitious growth strategy of the Bavarian software company is supported by the provision of 5 million Euros from two institutional investors. In the future further financiers will follow.

“When it comes to Digital Transformation we see an enormous need for German and international companies to accelerate their doing. All companies know that they must act but there right now there isn’t enough action”, says Reza Etemadian, founder and CEO of iTiZZiMO AG from Wuerzburg. “One main reason is that convincing overall solutions were missing so far. With our platform Simplifier we offer exactly  what companies need to really become digital.”

For Reza Etemadian Digital Transformation is the interconnection of systems, applications and products as well as end users, customers, partners and suppliers. “Finally, everything is about unifying all business processes on one technological basis and guaranteeing the integration into existing systems and products in doing so.”, the commercial computer scientist and former SAP guy who founded iTiZZiMO in 2012. The Digital Transformation and the gradual realization of Industry 4.0 are impossible without a platform. “This can only be achieved with an integrated solution like we offer with the Simplifier. It also allows companies to design individual applications for their specific needs – without programming effort.”

Reza Etemadian and his management colleagues are convinced that the Simplifier can accelerate the Digital Transformation of companies. “The organizations we talk to are enthusiastic about the holistic approach, the flexibility and the variety of possible integrations into systems and products. Most people at first won’t believe that our software can be easily integrated into the existing IT-landscape”, Reza Etemadian describes his positive experiences.   

Another aspect customers trust iTiZZiMO ist the all around professional performance of the emerging company, nothing seems to be improvised like it is often when dealing with start-ups. For CEO Reza Etemadian the start-up phase already is over: ”The most IT start-ups in Germany run out of money after three years at the latest. German investors don’t provide money so generously like in Silicon Valley. With an idea alone you can’t find an investor in Germany, you also have to offer a marketable product. We do so and therefore we see ourselves as a grown-up company.”

One thing is very important for Reza Etemadian: “Our team consists of computer scientists, software guys, engineers and creative people who work with the latest technologies and agile methods and enjoy the needed freedom when it comes to development. But we also benefit from several years of management experience which ensures a clear orientation on customer needs.”  Several awards and press reports show that iTiZZiMO differs from the colourful start-up scene by a convincing product, a clear vision and professionality. So, the company was awarded as “The next Global Player” by PwC. By now iTiZZiMO is nominated for the German Digital Award THE SPARK, awarded by Handelsblatt and McKinsey.

Crucial for iTiZZiMO AG is the tailwind the Simplifier gets from the market: “There is definately need for and interest in our platform for Digital Transformation. Companies from different branches searching for holistic solutions recognize us more and more. So we follow an ambitious growth strategy”, states Reza Etemadian.   

So, iTiZZiMO counts on partnerships with established companies which shall raise the success on another level. “In different projects for established customers our Simplifier already shows its potentials, for example in aerospace and defense, automotive or energy industry. Thanks to our investors we are able to invest even more resources into product development and distribution of the Simplifier. Internationalization for us of course is as important as for any other established German supplier.”

The German family offices allowed further growth. Reza Etemadian looks back: “In retrospect it was easier than we thought it would be to collect the 5 million EUR. This shows the strategic importance of the topic Digital Transformation but it also shows that we are going the right way with our Simplifier. There were several potential capital providers but we have taken a conscious decision for the family offices, also because the whole transaction was far less problematic. We could have received even more money from other investors. But for us it was important to further have the margin we need for our development.”

With the se capital resources iTiZZiMO will at first strengthen its position in the German-speaking area. “We will increase our capacities in development and account management”, says iTiZZiMO’s CEO. The next step is international expansion to further scale the Simplifier’s success. “We already have made the first step by the successful foundation of iTiZZiMO Inc. in the USA.”

iTiZZiMO will prove that success stories in the software environment also can be “made in Germany” by its innovative product for Digital Transformation.