lang="en-US" prefix="og:" iTiZZiMO as a partner and exhibitor at Reality Check 4.0 in Cologne on June 6, 2017! iTiZZiMO as a partner and exhibitor at Reality Check 4.0 in Cologne on June 6, 2017!
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iTiZZiMO as a partner and exhibitor at Reality Check 4.0 in Cologne!

“Industrial internet of things in the small and medium-sized businesses – Does digitalization go down?” – this was the motto of Reality Check 4.0. The event took place in the Gerling-Quartier in Cologne on July 6, 2017 organized by the internet portal “Industry of Things“. We were also part of the event as a premium partner and presented our low-code platform Simplifier.

On our booth we generated a special attention for our video of the swiss company Buehler AG. The production case shows another approach for digitally transforming whole process chains with the Simplifier. Specifically, the choice for the video fell on the assembly process. It is digitally transformed from the warehouse up to quality control with Simplifier applications.

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Reality Check 4.0

In addition, our key account manager, Klaus Tigges, informed visitors about the possibilities to create their own business application quickly and without programming. How it works? Simple with the Simplifier.

The Simplifier is a web-based platform to configure and run integrated business applications. That means you can not only connect all your existing systems and databases, but also use the applications you build on almost any device and operating system.


“The Simplifier is like the glue between the processes”

Klaus Tigges, Account Manager at iTiZZiMO AG

Because of that  our platform comes loaded with different types of connectors to hook up your existing data sources.

For example, you could create an application that triggers a warning from a machine, send that report directly to your ticket support system and fire off a service ticket for the next available technician nearby, automatically. He can then open his customized service application and check the machine for maintenance.

Reality Check 4.0

Now, back to the important question: Does digitization tilt?

Around eleven experts came to the bottom of this question and analyzed industrial IOT projects critically.

Dr. Marius Grathwohl, head of digitization at MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG, reported in his presentation that digitization and industrial internet of things are no longer loanwords in his company. With the title “Digitization in the area of packaging machines: experiences and challenges with the implementation of the digital agenda”, Grathwohl explained how MULTIVAC has redesigned and digitized the internal processes. And what were the biggest challenges? Dr. Marius Grathwohl summarized four core tasks:

Grafik Reality Check EN

Another exciting, but also kind of frightening lecture came from Thomas Haase, security expert at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH with the topic “Security @ Industry – Quality Assurance in industrial IOT”. He gave an overview of the security problems caused by industrial automation. Haase demonstrated live on stage how easy it is to hack websites and change information. While the audience got a slight stomach ache and would like to have called the IT security in their own company, Thomas Haase changed the prices in an online shop with ease. Thus costs a t-shirt from originally 100 euros, suddenly only ridiculous 5 euros. Frightening! Afterwards he gave information about technical possibilities to protect your company against such attacks.

Thomas Haase, Security-Experte bei der T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Now back to the actual question. Our account manager Klaus Tigges formulated the answer as follows:

“The digitization will not tilt! In recent years, the IoT market has developed extremely dynamically. Many companies are on the right track. Above all, the small and medium-sized businesses are very forward-looking. Nevertheless there is still a lot to do! To be prepared for the future, it is imperative to set the course now. In the long run, there will be no way around for companies to implement a digital strategy. This is the only way to master the challenges ahead.

However, the big problem is that every company wants to be “somehow” digital. But buying four pieces of smart glasses is unfortunately not enough. Companies have to do their homework and digitize the simplest processes until they can make great leaps. It already begins with slow internet lines or an analog administration. Processes must be structured and employees trained in order to identify problems at an early stage and to resolve them quickly and flexibly through suitable measures.

And this is where the Simplifier starts. With our solution, we are able to digitize even the smallest subprocesses in a company, thus speeding up the entire workflow.”

Spotlight Session at Reality Check 4.0