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iTiZZiMO becomes Dell IoT Solutions Partner

As an established software technology provider, iTiZZiMO customers are increasingly looking for the right mix of tools to implement their goals for Digitalization. Because of more robust customer requirements and demands of the market, we decided that it is very important for us to have strong partners on our side.

For this reason, we recently joined the Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program as a Technology Partner.


The Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program

The program is designed to give Technology and Services Providers the tools they need to focus on the advancement of commercial and industrial IoT solutions. Furthermore, the Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program enables Technology and Services providers, OEMs, developers and end customers to find the right tools to deploy scalable, differentiated solutions on top of Dell Technologies broad portfolio of IoT-enabling technologies.

As a Technology Partner, iTiZZiMO is qualified to integrate Dells purpose-built IoT hardware, such as edge gateways and embedded PCs, into full IoT solutions together with our Low-Code Platform Simplifier.


Our Low-Code Platform Simplifier helps to advance digitization strategy

With the establishment of our Low-Code Platform Simplifier, a web-based configuration environment for the creation of integrated business and IoT applications, iTiZZiMO created a uniform technological basis for the digital transformation of companies. The Simplifier is a technology that enables integrated applications to be configured in a resource-saving manner. Reusable building blocks and standard connectors for integration of existing IT-systems maximize long-term investments and ensure the efficiency in digitalizing business processes.

With the Simplifier, business processes can be enhanced in a consistent and user-friendly manner with internal and external IT landscapes networked with each other using standardized connectors. The connection of existing systems and data sources such as SAP or Oracle as well as machines that have a communication interface for data exchange, is possible with no problems. The low-code approach of the Simplifier platform allows applications to be created up to ten times faster as applications are can be easily configured rather than individually programmed. Existing application templates can be used as a starting point and can be adapted to individual requirements at any time. Whether desktop, smartphone, tablet or wearables, the sustained adaptability of applications and the rapid implementation made possible by web technologies guarantee added value and ensure that IT is once again a key driver of innovation.


Hardware and Software from a single source

Dell offers with the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series a blending of exceptional computer power and flexibility for IoT deployments. With powerful dual-core Intel® Atom™ processors, the Edge Gateway connects varied wired and wireless devices and systems, aggregates and analyzes the input, and sends it on. In combination with our Low-Code Platform Simplifier, we can offer hardware and software from a single source.

„At iTiZZiMO we believe that strategic growth is only possible through strong partners. That is why we are passionate about working together with an hardware expert such as Dell. Together we are focused on the advancement of Industrial IoT solutions.”

Christopher Bouveret, CIO

We offer companies different ways to enter into a partnership. Do you want to learn more about our Partner Program and our existing partnerships?

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