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iTiZZiMO finds a new home

As of July 1st, 2017, iTiZZiMO will move into it’s new headquarters in Würzburg. The rapid growth of the company ensured that the old office spaces simply did not meet the requirements – from air-conditioning to noise to available space for all employees.

With the new building, a proper location for the new headquarters was found.

Five years of iTiZZiMO and a new office

Wow, a lot has happened recently at iTiZZiMO. Not only do we celebrate our five-year anniversary on July 1, 2017, but there is also a new office for the growing team.

In the past five years, a lot has happened and even if there was a lot of movement, friction and change, we learned a lot from it. Certainly there were also stumbling blocks and difficult times, but also these have their good sides because they have definitely made us what we are today: a successful software company that has managed to move from a pure service-oriented company to a startup with its own B2B software product.

I’m proud of five years of iTiZZiMO. We have already achieved a lot, even if acknowledging that is often overlooked in our daily business. We have never given up and always believed in ourselves and our success, which has kept us going and made us what we are now.

Reza Etemadian, CEO

Even with the growing professionalism in business life, the fun is not to be missed. Despite business relations with international corporations, iTiZZiMO has managed to keep the startup spirit. This is particularly evident in the cohesion of the colleagues and their loyalty.

Our culture is changing. It’s transforming itself from the typical start-up flair to values such as professionalism, transparency, to the types of customers and partner. As a leader, this is great to watch and experience.

Martin Nehls, Chief Financial Officer

This professionalism is also reflected in everyday life. Though the times of hunting for big projects and corresponding high risk are becoming less (since we are also funded now), iTiZZiMO experienced the pressure and negative energy of losing an important deal. Today it is clear: One can not always win, or where should all the learnings come from? iTiZZiMO is much more confident with the small hurdles of everyday life. It is clear that the company has grown up. So grown up in fact, that it is time to move out and into a new home. Or to say it with the words of iTiZZiMO’s Chief Financial Officer Martin Nehls:It’s slowly becoming an enterprise.

iTiZZiMO’s new office

ITiZZiMO needed room for more than 75 employees, most of them are permanently present in the offices, but also other colleagues who are on the road and are only temporarily at the headquarters in Würzburg need a workplace and rooms to meet. An increasing number of customers, partners and projects brought up the need for dedicated areas to have calls and online meetings. Therefore, a lot of effort has been put into sound insulation.

Nevertheless, there is more than enough room for socializing, relaxing and doing focused work. For example, the kitchen is much bigger now, there are coffee corners and seating lounges with enough space for creative meetups or to read magazines and books.

But enough talking, have a look below to get a more clear picture of the new office. It is still empty, but all iTiZZiMO employees are moving in from July 1st 2017.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Our new adress:

Nürnberger Str. 47A
97076 Würzburg
T +49 (0)931 306 9999 70
F +49 (0)931 306 9999 79

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