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iTiZZiMO becomes Fujitsu Alliance Partner

“We believe that real nature of technology is a natural extension of human beings, making life better for everybody.”

Tatsuya Tanaka, Fujitsu Limited, President and Representative Director

Making life better for everybody  – thta’s what’s the partnership having started at the beginning of 2016  between iTiZZiMO and Fujitsu is all about. Only when the focus is on people innovations can be created that make companies benefit from digital transformation. With Fujitsu having developed the Head Mounted Display IOT001 and iTiZZiMO with its Smart Business Platform Simplifier one really can talk about a great basis for a partnership. One the one hand a powerful wearable for industrial purposes which meets the toughest requirements and on the other hand software whicih can be used for realizing applications for every kind of business processes within shortest time.

Both companies‘ customers benefit from the respective know how in softweare development and hardware. The customers‘ feedback furthermore enhances the further development at Fujitsu and iTiZZiMO and ist he basis for the common stratetic product development as well as the experience of both companies. The balanced mixture of the expertise in hardware and software development and the provision with excellent services ensure a persistence in a digital world which is characterised by innovations and constantly new technologies. Within their partnership Fujitsu and iTiZZiMO focus on a balanced ratio of innovations and established methods of information and communcation technology.

About the Fujitsu Head Mounted Display IOT001

The Fujitsu Head Mounted Display IOT001 is a special wearable device that will enthuse Germany’s industry. It combines mobility and best performance. The foldable display leads to special comfort . When no additional digital information is needed it can be tipped out of sight, without having  to remove the whole device.

Thus, the user can easily switch between completely manual and digitalliy enriched tasks. With the keybord fixed an the wrist one can control the device as comfortably as with voice control. Especially in rough environment the IOT 001 proves ist strengths. It‘s dust and water resistant and equipped with an opportunity to pair it with a helmet which is unique on the market. So, the device is best usable for canal work, underground or in dusty environments. 

About the iTiZZiMO Simplifier

With the Smart Business Platform developed by iTiZZiMO everything becomes simpler as the name suggests. With this standardized platform people can  be connected with sytsems, wearables (things) and data. Pre-configured software components allow an implementation up tot en times faster. The developed applications seamlessly fit into existing IT structures and ideally enriches them.

This, flexible applications can be developed faster and satisfy departments, IT staff and executives: by user-centred processes on various devices, less development efforts due to easy configuration of applications and the opportunity to develop completely new business models and generate additional revenues.