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Itizzimo is celebrating its 5th anniversary

It all started in July 2012, when iTiZZiMO was founded in Würzburg. With years of experience in the SAP environment, the two founders Reza Etemadian and Christian Kleinschroth wanted to provide users of SAP software with more intuitive usability on a more appealing surface. The additional emergence of wearables, such as smartwatches and smartglasses, and the growing demand for digitalization in the context of IIOT (industrial internet of things), have confirmed iTiZZiMO in its way.

While at the beginning the focus was more on individual developments of such applications, it soon became clear that this is only the beginning of the journey. At this point, iTiZZiMO was already thinking about the development of a product that will simplify the use and creation of software in the future. So that companies can concentrate on their own business. Even if the actual idea and the mission have always remained the same, the demand for the resulting product – the simplifier – has grown steadily.

We revolutionize the way how people interact with software.

This vision has always remained in the minds of the employees and has been advanced in particular by the founding team and the members of the management board. But who is the driving force of iTiZZiMO?

The founders Reza Etemadian, CEO and Christian Kleinschroth, CTO, are linked by a long-lasting friendship. After studying business informatics, Reza Etemadian worked for SAP and MHP as an SAP consultant and project manager in the integration environment. Most recently, he helped an Austrian SRM cloud provider to achieve worldwide success by building the at that time young company with only 7 employees as a shareholder in more than 100 employees. Christian Kleinschroth worked at E.ON after his studies of business informatics. He was responsible for many SAP and implementation projects. He has extensive industry knowledge in the field of energy supply combined with an exceptional affinity for complex systems, processes and applications.

In order to integrate Augmented Reality as a further building block into the development of software, Reza Etemadian and Christian Kleinschroth have additionally gained the expertise of their longtime friend Christopher Bouveret. As a CIO, he contributes significantly to the innovation of the product. He has more than 10 years of experience in the development of mobile applications. CSO, Florian Rühl joined the team in 2013. With nearly ten years of experience in the development and management of sales departments, he has always pushed the sales and marketing strategy forward. He and Reza Etemadian have already worked together at an Austrian SRM provider. This also applies to the last member of the board, Martin Nehls. As a CFO, he has been responsible for the finances since January 2014 and since then has ensured the necessary liquidity of iTiZZiMO. He has already set up two other companies and successfully managed their US business.

As a small review of the past few years and the development of the company, we asked our members of the management board to give a statement about “five years of iTiZZiMO”:

Reza Etemadian, CEO

In five years of iTiZZiMO I had many sleepless nights and received a few more gray hairs. Nevertheless I am justifiably proud of what we have achieved in the past. We have always questioned ourselves critically and anchored our willingness to change deeply in our corporate culture. In this way, we have gained a lot of new employees and become extremely professional. And even with more than 70 employees, we still have the team spirit and the cohesion as with five employees.

Our spirit is omnipresent and our employees support our vision. This is really special and I am extremely proud of that. Still, we will not be blinded because of our success. Quite the contrary, we are working critically on our areas that need development and see setbacks as challenges. With this attitude, the team and our product “Simplifier”, we definitely have the potential of an Unicorn.

Germany plays an important role for us, especially in the context of IIOT. However, I still see the American companies in the lead when it comes to confidence in software startups and the necessary dynamics and agility. This also applies to financing with venture capital. All of these are, of course, factors that can significantly influence the success of iTiZZiMO and the Simplifier.

“The constant pursuit of and the belief in our success, driven by the knowledge that our product is indispensable for all companies to successfully implement digitalization, makes me look very positively into the future.”

Christian Kleinschroth, CTO

Five years of iTiZZiMO means we have a very diverse evolution behind us. We have continued to develop our strategy to ensure the sustainable success of our business model. Looking back, our vision was clear from the beginning, although the way was not always easy. Despite the constant changes in a strong and very dynamic growth process, almost all colleagues are still on board. Because they can use their passion for technology and are fully behind the product – that makes me feel very proud.

Four years ago, the Simplifier was more of a vision, an idea to change the software industry, now it has become real. This considers not only our customers, but also us internally. In 2012 our employees were still dealing with classical SAP and web development. Now, our employees are only working with the Simplifier.

So we can see: the concept works and, of course, there are constantly new requirements that have to be implemented, driven by our customers and the complete market. But that is part of it – after all it is a constantly growing ecosystem that we will continue to actively promote in the future.

“With the Simplifier we have created an awesome software product with which we will change the market sustainably and this for just one purpose: simplifying the development and the use of software.”

Christopher Bouveret, CIO

For me, the five years of iTiZZiMO are very important, but even more important are the three years since the “Simplifier” was born. Even if it feels like two decades, it is more than impressive how time flies.

We have changed from an IT service provider to a serious technology manufacturer. Even if the necessary changes had to be carried into our organization. We all had to make a lot of efforts, but luckily mostly with positive stress. At least as much as we invest, we are getting back: through the certainty that the Simplifier is an established product in the market, trust of customers and also the extraordinary achievements that our team accomplishes.

We all have growed extremely, both personally and professionally. I am particularly pleased with the evolution of our young colleagues. It is impressive how the team has changed. Many of them have grown from a beginner to a professional. And if you want to deal with the big players in the market, you need exactly this learning curve and professionalism.

“We have done a lot, but at least as much is still ahead. The key to success? Passion, excellence, performance and faith for our product.”

Florian Rühl, CSO

In the past 5 years we already have accomplished a lot. We have severely straightened our entire organization, from different high-service companies to one company with just one product. Not only the company has changed over the years, but also the product itself. Depending on the changed demand on the market we continually adapted the conditions of it and made it to a flexible and versatile platform.

The different challenges have caused us a lot of effort, but have also strengthened us in the market and made us more competitive. In the meantime we are a large team with many strengths in various business areas. And the expansion into the US market also opens up further important potentials alongside the European market.

Regarding our professionalism and routine, we steadily improved it. We have had to learn a lot in the past and we are aware that we must retain our team spirit also in the future in order to survive and flourish. Nevertheless, I believe that we have already achieved a lot and are well equipped to deal with the future.

“The past five years of our company history have shown that change is one of the biggest challenges for which we have always found a way and will continue to do so in the future.”

Martin Nehls, CFO

Five years of iTiZZiMO means to me: four different offices, many changes and much more work. But we have also achieved a great result: an exceptional product, which is accepted by the market and a solid financing that allows us a future. This is more than many other same aged companies have.

We have grown into a strong company with a very good market position. And the evolution of our employees is unmistakable. Because they have gone the way with us. Over the course of time they are more and more able to cope with their tasks. And they have built up the necessary self-confidence and the necessary expertise to master upcoming challenges.

Our corporate culture is still like a start-up, but iTiZZiMO’s perception to the market is changing. It changes from a typical start-up to an established software company that is revolutionizing the market with its product by challenging existing issues and driving massively digital disruption. That makes me feel very proud.

“In the past, we were often ignored as a startup, but now the companies have understood that we are a serious software vendor who is not afraid to compete with the global competition. The maturity of a company is not measured by its age only.”

In summary, we are very proud of what we have done so far. We are looking forward to all the challenges that lie ahead. Together with our strong team, we are looking to the future with confidence and power!

Inside iTiZZiMO

Reza Etemadian, CEO & Co-Founder of iTiZZiMO, talks about iTiZZiMO and our Product, the Simplifier, and it’s contribution to Digital Transformation.