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Integrated Business Apps and Wearable-Management hand in hand

Augmate and iTiZZiMO announce strategic partnership

The rise of wearable devices within the enterprise is undeniable. Hands-free technology delivers workers the right information whenever they need it, making them more productive and efficient at completing their tasks. In order to accelerate enterprise demands to digitally transform their business and reap the benefits of such solutions, iTiZZiMO and Augmate have announced a strategic platform integration and distribution partnership. The integration of iTiZZiMO and Augmate’s platform empowers IT organizations to rapidly develop, deploy, and manage digital applications and devices in the workplace. iTiZZiMO’s Simplifier gives corporate IT the ability to configure integrated business apps in a web-based environment simply via “drag & drop”.

The Simplifier supports enterprises in digitally transforming their own business processes without the need of highly-specialized programming skills, as the whole Simplifier and the configured apps are built on easy-to- use web technologies. iTiZZiMO focuses on applications for all kinds of mobile devices and wearables configured platform-independently (Windows, iOS, Android). Augmate’s platform manages edge wearable devices that connect to an iTiZZiMO platform deployment. Enterprise wearables are sophisticated work tools that require a deeper level of security and tracking beyond traditional BYOD devices. Augmate’s platform is specifically designed to address these niche requirements, while giving IT administrators the ability to remotely manage a fleet of wearable devices, users, applications, connectivity and geofencing security settings.

About Augmate

Augmate puts wearables to work in the enterprise. Its W.E. Manage platform gives IT administrators complete control over a wearables environment, which includes devices, beacons, users and applications. The W.E. Manage cloud and on-prem platform provides enhanced device security, user management, and security policies that automate over-the- air remote application management and device configuration for fleets of wearables from a single point of control.

About iTiZZiMO

iTiZZiMO’s Simplifier enables quick digital transformation of business processes by offering a web-based environment to configure integrated Business Apps for all kinds of mobile devices and wearables. With pre-configured and reusable elements such as interfaces, widgets or connectors to various systems it is the basis for sustainable and unified digital transformation on one standardized technological basis.