lang="en-US" prefix="og:" Siemens and iTiZZiMO at AWE Europe 2017 from October 19 to 20 at the MOC Exhibition Center in Munich Siemens and iTiZZiMO at AWE Europe 2017 from October 19 to 20 at the MOC Exhibition Center in Munich
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Siemens and iTiZZiMO at AWE Europe 2017

This year AWE Europe 2017, the world’s largest Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality event, took place from October 19 to 20 at the MOC Exhibition Center in Munich. More than 90 established companies and start-ups presented the latest news in the field of AR and VR to the visitors. The event offered a large number of demonstrations and discussions in an extensive program of keynotes and panels, network events and breakout sessions. Among others, Audi, Bosch, Epson, Fraunhofer FEP, ODG, Volkswagen and Vuzix took part in this year’s event.

The Digital Factory – Targeted use of AR technologies to create added value in production

How do we manage the development of products and technologies for realizing digital industrial production? In September 2016, Siemens, in cooperation with iTiZZiMO, Fraunhofer IIS, SCS and Kinexon, launched the Road2Digital Production (R2D) research project funded by the Federal State of Bavaria in the “Bayern Digital” platform.

The results of the project demonstrate that digitization can increase efficiency and optimize quality assurance. This enables the development of new technologies for “cyberphysical production systems (CPPS)” as well as the definition of principles and methods for manufacturing and assembling a product with batch size 1. The core of the project is to find out how the produced drive components need to be connected to each other and to the production machines in order to aim an economical production.

How does that work? On the second day of the event, Christopher Bouveret, CIO of iTiZZiMO AG and Bernd Wacker, Principal Key Expert Large Drives at Siemens, illustrated in their presentation a variance analysis. Participants could see how to combine a virtual electric motor with an real electric motor with the help of Augmented Reality.

Deviations in the final product can be immediately detected and corrected by variance analysis. The example illustrates how vertical digitization can be successfully implemented. Using information from the IT systems for order processing and engineering, a real-time paperless and intelligent production can be realized.

Platform based implementation with the Simplifier

The above-mentioned case uses different technologies to interact and work with various data from different systems on the Microsoft HoloLens. In order to ensure a smooth data exchange, the decision was made to implement the application on the low-code platform Simplifier. The platform is a web-based configuration framework for the creation of integrated business and IoT applications. Existing IT landscapes can be connected to each other using standardized connectors. This also includes the OPC UA real-time data from the electric motor presented in the case via Augmented Reality. Do you want to learn more about the Simplifier and possible applications in your company?

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