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iTiZZiMO at Rethink! SPMS 2017 and smart.Remote Service 2017!

Two days, two cities and a lot of good conversations – iTiZZiMO at Rethink! SPMS 2017 and smart.Remote Service 2017!

This week our team of iTiZZIMO has been in Hamburg and Berlin at the same time. Do you want to know our highlights and how we presented ourselves? Just keep reading.


Rethink! SPMS 2017 in Hamburg

The biggest challenge for companies in the past decade has been the implementation of connected processes, machinery and products. Artificial intelligence, embedded sensors, augmented reality and machine-to-machine communication are just some of the technologies needed for smart manufacturing. What are the latest projects, recent developments, cutting-edge technologies and trends in Smart Manufacturing, Lean Management and Industry 4.0? This question was discussed on September 25/26, 2017 at Rethink! SPMS 2017 at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski in Hamburg.

Florian Ruehl, Chief Sales Officer of iTiZZiMO AG presented the topic “Digitalization in production – from warehouse to quality control” during his Tech Take Session on our booth. Participants could see how the vision of the smart warehouse becomes reality with our low-code platform Simplifier.

The Simplifier is used not only to integrate your warehouse management system (WMS) with the needs of your employees, but to also extend the functionality concerning warnings, information on packages, Track & Trace or monitoring of storage shelving. Furthermore a dedicated offline mode can assist you in working, despite system or connection failures.

Florian Ruehl, Chief Sales Officer of iTiZZiMO AG during his one-minute lecture at Rethink! SPMS 2017.

Snorri Glaeser, Account Manager of iTiZZiMO AG, demonstrated how easy it is to inspect machines and systems with the Simplifier. Visitors could see how machines and plants can be inspected with the help of mobile applications as anomalies can be reported on-site and service tickets are created automatically. Especially when dealing with complex machines 3D models help to ensure a good overview. Spare parts can be ordered via app, data automatically are transferred into the connected SAP-system.

Snorri Glaeser, Michaela Landwehr and Florian Ruehl on our booth at Rethink! SPMS 2017.

Picture gallery of Rethink! SPMS 2017

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smart.Remote Service 2017 in Berlin

From Reliability to Connected & Continuous Service” was the motto of this year’s smart.Remote Service 2017 at the H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz on September 25/26, 2017. The event is the largest annual industry meeting dealing with the challenge of IoT, Industry 4.0, remote maintenance and the impact of digitalization on services in the area of machinery, plant and automotive in German-speaking countries.

Klaus Tigges, Account Manager of iTiZZiMO AG showed the participants in his Tech Take Session the different aspects of Remote Services. Whether remote service to reduce travel times for staff, predictive maintenance to avoid machine breakdowns or step-by-step guidance for maintenance and production. With the Simplifier, all these apps can be configured economically instead of being time-consumingly programmed. It saves time and reduces the use of valuable and limited resources.


Smart.Remote Service 2017 – iTiZZiMO and the Simplifier in a minute by Klaus Tigges, Account Manager of iTiZZiMO AG

More than 200 responsible managers and experts from the fields of service, product development, sales, software and hardware development as well as business development attended the event. At a Tech-Take Session at the booth of iTiZZiMO AG, the participants listened to a presentation about the possibilities of using a low-code platform for implementing digital solutions.

Klaus Tigges, Account Manager of iTiZZiMO AG on our booth at Smart.Remote Service 2017

Dominik Meier, Inside Sales Representative of iTiZZiMO AG, demonstrated not only use cases on different mobile devices but also the diversity of application development. Including the supporting function of starting a service call (remote support) in each individual application to involve an expert in the process. Using the camera image of the smart glasses, the expert was able to see everything Dominik Meier saw. This enables a quick analysis of the situation and provides assistance.

Picture gallery of smart.Remote Service 2017