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TRIPS & iTiZZiMO: Configurable IIoT for automation

You don’t have to look abroad for important ideas and more important solutions. Regional companies also work on intelligent solutions for the IIoT. The strategic partnership of TRIPS GmbH and iTiZZiMO AG paves the way for future-proof industry automation. So, many new possibilities for the IIoT can be found.

How it all began

Basically, everything is a result of an event where we presented our Simplifier. Caroline Tips, managing associate, immediately was convinced that configurable integrated business apps would enrich her business. At this time Trips GmbH, a supplier for industry automation, conventionally programmed the machine and plants controls. Due to the partnership there now are new possibilities. With the Simplifier User Interfaces and process logic can be configured via drag & drop in future.

The Basis: OPC UA

In one of our last posts we already discussed the basics of OPC UA and the triumph of this special industry protocol. Most important: it allows communication between machines, plants and applications in automation technology independent from suppliers. Well, that really is a great advance and nevertheless a huge challenge for the software engineers at TRIPS. No wonder that Christian Trips, also managing associate, was sceptical as we explained him that his team would be able to easily configure OPC UA connectors. “I really couldn’t believe it, but just few weeks later iTiZZiMo presented the connector”, remembers Christian Trips.

“I really couldn’t believe it, but just few weeks later iTiZZiMO presented the connector.“

– Christian Trips, managing associate


Reading, Writing and Browsing

“Our connector is special as it does not only read data as several other interfaces do. All connectors that can be used in the Simplifier environment work bidirectionally, so they can read data but also write information back”, explains software developer Kamil Filar. But that’s not everything, it’s also possible to browse through all data points of OPC UA servers. “When configuring an application one can see all data points of a machine or plant. Especially in the conception phase that is a great benefit. Possibly people don’t know about all data points and therefore can’t imagine how useful the information might be”, explains OPC UA expert Filar.

Software from Lower Franconia

Results of the cooperation show: You don’t have to look at Silicon Valley to find convincing concepts for digital transformation and IIoT. Regional proximity and short decision paths in both companies ensure quick development. “The know-how of TRIPS GmbH was essential for our fast results. It really was a lucky chance to find a partner who is absolutely determined to use our technology, has a lot of special expertise that we can benefit from and is located near to our headquarter”, explains Reza Etemadian, CEO at iTiZZiMO. And also Christian Trips is convinced by now: “With configurable applications created with iTiZZiMO’s Simplifier we are able to read out all data point of OPC UA-capable machines and define functionalities. That means we can create modern applications for monitoring and controlling machines and plants, usable on tablets and smartphones.”

„By now, no other system is that comfortable and easy to use and has such a range of functions as the Simplifier combined with the OPC UA connector.“

– Caroline Trips, managing associate,


The customers of TRIPS also have a reason to be happy: Whether maintenance processes with integrated order for spare parts, push notifications to allow immediate interventions when  critical conditions occur or Remote Service to reduce travel times, all these application scenarios that can be supported today. “Sure, there are other companies that also deal with OPC UA interfaces and and we have tested them. By now, no other system is that comfortable and easy to use and has such a range of functions as the Simplifier combined with the OPC UA connector. So we are proud of our strategic partnership, the common development and us, being the first company able to use it”, says Caroline Trips.